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TLSS series spiral conveyor

TLSS series spiral conveyor

Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, coal, machinery, light industry, grain and food industries, suitable for transporting powdered, granular, small block materials, Such as cement, coal powder, grain, fertilizer, ash, sand, Coke, etc.. It is not appropriate to transport perishable, viscous, and easily lumped materials.
Product characteristics
Working Principle Structure
schematic diagram

The current TLSS series spiral conveyor(left or right) produced by the company is a new generation of products produced on the basis of digesting and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technologies. It is a device that uses the rotation of spiral blades to push bulk materials to complete transportation. It is appropriate to transport powdered, granular, or small materials horizontally or sloping(less than 20 ° angle). It is not appropriate to transport large pieces of highly corrosive, fragile or easily sticky fiber materials.
According to the direction in which the spiral blades are coiled on the axis, the spiral body can be divided into two types: left or right. The blade is called left-handed on the axis according to the counterclockwise direction wheel; The clockwise steering wheel is called right-handed. In the same coiled direction, if the axis rotates in different directions, the direction of transmission is also different. If the two leaves are respectively coiled around the two ends of an axis, the axis can be rotated so that the material can be transported from the two ends to the middle or from the middle to the two ends.

1, simple structure, small cross-sectional size.
2, can be loaded and unloaded on the entire length.
3, in the same slot can also be transported in two directions.
4, safe and convenient operation, low manufacturing costs.
5, in the transportation process, both stirring and loose materials at the same time.
6, large carrying capacity, good sealing performance.
7, strong adaptability, convenient installation and maintenance, long life.
8, the volume of the entire machine is small, the speed is high, ensuring the rapid and uniform transmission.
9, according to the user's requirements can be equipped with bottom cleaning doors, anti-blocking doors and electrical control systems.

Spiral conveyor uses a spiral to transport the transported material in a fixed shell. Due to gravity and friction on the wall of the tank, the material does not rotate with the spiral in motion, but moves along the material trough in a sliding form..