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Continuous mixer

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Scope of application: Food, chemical, building materials, mining, environmental protection and other industries Applicable materials: little difference in the proportion of ingredients, mixing time does not need too long, good liquidity; Such as reactive dyes, dehydrated sludge, slag, refractory materials, ceramic materials, fertilizer and other materials.
Product characteristics
Working Principle Structure
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Continuous mixing can be used to mix powder and powder, powder and particle, powder and liquid. The equipment is equipped with different forms of stirring blades(paddle leaf, pear head, spiral belt, etc.) in round or U-shaped or O-shaped tubes. The material enters from one end of the mixer, stirs in the mixer, and is transported to the other end of the mixer through the structure of the special blade. The material generally stays in the mixer for 30-120S to achieve continuous feed and continuous discharge. process.

Use requirements:
1: The feed system must have stable and uninterrupted feed.
2: The feeding speed of various materials must be proportional to the formula feed.
3: The downstream process equipment of the continuous mixer must be able to deal with the materials discharged by the continuous mixer in a timely manner, and it must not cause blockage.
4: Additives with a relatively small proportion of formulations, such as content below 5 %, must be pre-mixed in the process design and can not be supplied until the proportion of content is expanded.
5: The feeding speed of the system process determines the output of the continuous mixer, the output requirements and the evenness of the mixture, and the nature of the material determine the size of the hybrid equipment.