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Stainless double shaft gravity mixer

Stainless double shaft gravity mixer

Biaxial gravity-free mixing machine is the pharmaceutical industry and other powder and granular powder mixing equipment. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, plastics, cosmetics, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries.
Product characteristics
Working Principle Structure
schematic diagram

The non-gravity mixer makes full use of the convection mixing principle, that is, using the material to throw the upper layer in the mixer to form a flow layer, resulting in instantaneous weightlessness, so that it reaches the optimal mixing effect. Its mixing process is shown in the figure. In the flow layer field, the material overcomes the centrifugal force at a certain circular speed, moves from A to B under the action of the blade with a specific angle, and the moving blade at the same time sends it to C, and the blade with the same specific angle sends it to D, Then return from D to A; Moreover, under the action of specific overlapping blades, the material moves axially to achieve a full range of mixing to form a random optimal state of motion.

The rotation speed of the propeller shaft and the structure of the blade will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the difference in particle size and specific gravity of each material is ignored during the mixing process. The intense mixing exercise shortens the time for a mixing and is faster and more efficient.
Even if the material has the difference of the specific gravity and the particle size, the mixing blade can achieve a very good mixing effect under the rapid and violent churn.
The non-gravity mixer can achieve spray operations below 17 %, and the material with too much viscosity after adding liquid is not suitable. Solid(powder)-solid(powder)(powder particle size 300-2000um) can be mixed.
According to the production requirements, spray and jacket devices can also be installed to make it solid(powder)-liquid(liquid content & lt; 15 % mixing and drying equipment.
Low energy consumption is 1/4 to 1/10 of the general mixer. The intermittent operation of this machine, the discharge valve adopts double door discharge, set up manual, pneumatic discharge form. The material is carbon steel and stainless steel.

1, transmission mechanism
The transmission of the mixing shaft is changed by the motor through the reducer and then driven by the chain.
2, horizontal tube
Made of steel plates; There are sealing requirements at each joint, so that the equipment can be guaranteed to work under micropressure or micronegative pressure conditions.
3, stirring spindle
Double shaft mixing material is used to increase the diameter of the spindle, thereby increasing the wear resistance and stiffness of the spindle, increasing the thickness of the stirring blade, and adopting adjustable and changing structures, so that the overall service life of the equipment is extended.
4, unloading door
The discharge door adopts a cylinder pull mechanism, and the discharge door and the discharge port of the cylinder are sealed by hard contact or soft contact, which has a sealing self-adaptation. The positioning of the cylinder is reliably self-locking to prevent the material in the cylinder from falling into the finished warehouse when the cylinder loses its gas source instantly.