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Plastics sintering board(sintering board) dust remover

Plastics sintering board(sintering board) dust remover

The sintering plate refers to a rigid filter plate obtained by making a matrix from a polyethylene powder material through a special sintering process and coating the surface with polytetrafluoroethylene. Because its raw materials are all plastics, it is also called "plastic burning board dust remover." Widely used in metallurgical, rare earth, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries valuable dust recovery and extremely strict environmental requirements in the industrial field
Product characteristics
Working Principle Structure
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The high temperature sintering board dust collector is mainly a new generation of dust collector developed for high-temperature gas dust removal. The substrate is clay, glass and other materials, and the temperature up to 350 °C has excellent chemical stability. The cylindrical filtration unit can be better coated with inorganic coating on the outer surface. Surface filtering. The sintering plate filter contains one or more groups of filtration unit clusters, each consisting of multiple filter rods. The cluster filter unit can be easily installed from the side of the Clean Air chamber. Plastics burn board precipitators can effectively capture dust of 0.1 μm or more, and the collection efficiency of dust above 1 μm is as high as 99.99 %, and the emission is less than 1 mg/m3, which achieves zero emission in the true sense.

1, the emission concentration can reach much less than 1 mg/Nm, effective filtration dust size ≥ 0.1 um;
2, the coating has a strong hydrophobic and non-viscous, even if it contains a lot of water vapor can work normally;
3, excellent chemical stability, adapt to strong acid and strong alkali conditions;
4, excellent wear resistance, suitable for Yuqiang wear dust;
5, compact structure, with a larger filtration area, more than three times the flat bag;
6, constant operating resistance, no maintenance;
7, life expectancy ≥ 10 years;
8, cleaning, renewable, recyclable.


The dust-containing air flow enters the dust Chamber of the middle box through the guide board at the entrance of the dust gas, and the gas purified by the sintering board is discharged through the fan. With the increase of the dust trapped on the surface coating of the sintering board, the dust removal control system of the regular or fixed differential pressure will automatically open the quick-open pulse valve and effectively remove the dust on the surface of the sintering board through compressed air. The dusted dust falls into the ash bucket under the action of gravity and is discharged. High space utilization: the dust removal equipment is rectangular, the round filter can not use the space of the four corners, causing space waste; Plug-in filter is a compact filter element that can make effective use of space;