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Dust Filter

Widely used in cement, steel, electricity, food, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industrial fields
Product characteristics
Working Principle Structure
schematic diagram

A filter consisting of a filter or a pulsed blowout. The filter filter can be divided into oblique type, side type, hanging type, and top type according to the installation method. According to the filter material, the filter can be divided into long fiber polyester filter, composite fiber filter, anti-static filter, flame retardant filter, film cover filter, nanometer filter.

1, the filter tube uses imported polyester fiber as a filter material, attaches a layer of submicron layer of ultra-thin fiber to the general filter material, and the arrangement between the fibers on the adhesive layer is very close, and the very small screen holes can Most submicron dust particles are blocked on the surface of the filter material;
2, the use of filter pleats, can increase the filtration area, and make the structure of the filter more compact;
3, filter height is small, installation and maintenance workload is small;
4, compared with the same volume filter, the filtration area is relatively large, the filtration wind speed is small, and the resistance is not large;
5, single dust collector dust removal using pulse blowout online dust removal method. The ash removal process is automatically controlled by the pulse control instrument. The filter is equipped with multiple filters to increase its effective filtration area. When a filter(to) meets the ash removal requirements, the blowout device is activated to clean the ash. The other filters work normally, so that the ash removal effect is achieved. Does not affect the operation of the equipment, Make the dust collector can run continuously; The combined dust remover automatically circulates the dust by the off-line pulse of the divider. Each dust removal chamber is equipped with multiple filters to increase its effective filtration area. When a dust removal chamber filter meets the dust removal requirements, the blowout device is started to clean up the dust, and other dust removal rooms work normally. This not only guarantees the dust removal effect but also allows the dust collector to operate continuously;
6, high dust removal efficiency(generally up to 99.6 % or more), easy to operate;

After the dust-bearing gas enters the dust bucket, due to the sudden expansion of the air section and the effect of the air distribution plate, some large particles in the air flow settle in the dust bucket under the action of dynamic and inertial forces. After entering the filter room with fine particle size and small density, the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter material through the combined effects of Brownian diffusion and screening. The purified gas enters the Clean Air chamber and is discharged by the exhaust pipe fan.
The resistance of the filter type filter increases with the increase of the thickness of the dust layer on the surface of the filter. When the resistance reaches a specified value, ash is cleared. At this point, the PLC program controls the opening and closing of the pulse valve. First, the one-chamber lifting valve is closed, the filter air flow is cut off, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve is opened. The compressed air and the short time rapidly expand in the upper box and flow into the filter tube to make the filter. The tube expands and deforms vibration. The dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag is stripped and dropped into the ash bucket under the action of reverse air flow. After the ash is cleared, the electromagnetic pulse valve closes, the lifting valve opens, and the room returns to the filtration state. The ash clearing rooms are carried out in turn, starting from the first room to the next ash clearing cycle. The falling dust falls into the ash bucket and is discharged through the disassembled ash valve.
In this process, the filter cartridge must be replaced and cleaned regularly to ensure the filtration effect and accuracy, because in addition to being blocked during the filtration process, some of the dust will be deposited on the surface of the filter material to increase resistance, so the correct replacement time is generally Three to five months!
The structure of the filter type filter is composed of an air intake pipe, a exhaust pipe, a box body, a ash bucket, a ash removal device, a flow guide device, a flow distribution plate, a filter tube, and an electronic control device, similar to a gas tank pulse bag dust removal structure.
The arrangement of the filter tube in the dust collector is very important. It can be arranged vertically on the Floret of the box body, or it can be tilted on the Floret. From the perspective of ash removal, the vertical arrangement is more reasonable. The lower part of the flower plate is the filter room and the upper part is the gas box pulse room. The air distribution board is installed at the entrance of the dust collector.