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Pulse dust collector

The pulsed cloth filter adopts the characteristics of high pressure spraying and blowing to clear ash, cylindrical structure, energy saving and reducing consumption, reducing height, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. The equipment can be widely used for dust filtration, material separation and material recovery in grain, oil, food, medicine, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.
Product characteristics
Working Principle Structure
schematic diagram

Pulse dust collector is when the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet. Due to inertia, the coarse dust in the gas flows directly into the ash bucket. As a pre-collected dust, the air flow into the ash bucket is then folded upwards through the filter bag dust with a spring metal skeleton inside it is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas enters the upper box body and is collected to the outlet. Exhaust, In the process of purifying dusty gas through filter bags, more and more dust is accumulated on the filter bags with the increase of time, increasing the resistance of the filter bags, resulting in the gradual reduction of the amount of air to be treated and working for normal purposes. In order to control resistance within a certain range(140-170 mm water column), once the filter bag must be cleared of dust, the pulse control valve is triggered by the pulse control valve to open the pulse valve. The compressed air in the air pack is sprayed into the corresponding filter bag by the blow-pipe of each hole. The filter bag instantly expands rapidly, causing the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag to fall off and the filter bag to return to its initial state. The dust falls into the ash bucket and is discharged from the body through the ash discharge system. Therefore, the dust accumulated on the filter bag is periodically pulsed to clean the dust, so that the purified gas passes through normally and the dust removal system is operated.

Pulse dust collector refers to the method of blowing compressed air to remove the dust attached to the filter medium(bag or filter); According to the size of the duster, there are multiple sets of pulse valves, controlled by the pulse control device, one set of pulse valves at a time to remove dust from the part of the cloth bag or filter it controls, while the other bags or filters work properly. After a period of time, the next set of pulse valves open. The next part of the cleaning dust collector consists of ash bucket, upper box body, middle box body, lower box body and so on. During work, dust gas enters the ash bucket from the inlet duct, and the coarse dust particles fall directly into the bottom of the ash bucket. The fine dust particles enter the middle and lower box bodies with the transition of the air flow. The dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the filtered gas enters the upper box. To the net air collection tube-exhaust duct, The exhaust fan is discharged into the atmosphere. The process of ash removal is automatically controlled by programmable control instrument for Pulse valve and ash discharge valve.

1, the upper box body: including the air pack, Pulse valve, clean air outlet.
2, the middle box body: including flower board, dust gas import, filter cloth tube, inspection door.
3, the lower box body: dust collection and transportation mechanism, wind control device, transmission mechanism.
4, blowout control system: solenoid valve, control instrument, gas source, power supply, etc..