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Different types of screw conveyors are cleaned differently

Different types of screw conveyors are cleaned differently

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The screw conveyor is an efficient conveying equipment. After the use, the inevitable amount of materials in the equipment will not be completely discharged. At this time, it must be cleaned after the shutdown. It is absolutely forbidden to clean the equipment before it is completely stopped. In order to avoid accidents. There are two common types of screw conveyors: tubular and trough. Cleaning methods vary depending on the design.
Tubular screw conveyor: Since the casing is a steel pipe, there are two methods for cleaning, flushing with water or cleaning. Water injection cleaning means that a large amount of water is flushed into the inlet and the remaining material is washed out. Ventilation cleaning uses a gas pump or fan to pump a large amount of air into the tube to blow the material out of the tube. Both methods can easily clean the materials in the tube.
Trough type screw conveyor: Since the casing is U-shaped groove, there is a cover plate on the tank body. When cleaning, the fixing bolts can be removed, the lower cover plate can be removed, and then cleaned. This type of conveyor is more convenient to clean up. Clean directly with a gas pump or the like.
In addition, the internal cleaning can also clean the materials attached to the screw shaft and the blades. And it can prevent the material from entering the middle hanging bearing. Hanging bearings are used in screw conveyors with long distances. If the hanging bearings enter a large amount of materials, it is easy to cause bearing damage and even the screw shaft breaks. Therefore, the user needs to clean the device in time after using it.
In summary, we have different methods for cleaning different types of screw conveyors. When we clean up, we can have our own credentials to complete the task. So maintain it regularly and work better for your machine.