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Six points to teach you safe use of screw conveyor

Six points to teach you safe use of screw conveyor

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Screw conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment widely used in chemical, electric power, building materials and other industries. It mainly transports non-stick dry powder materials and small particle materials. Due to the simple structure and good sealing performance of the screw conveyor, it is also used in various industries. Today, the grid is here to bring you some precautions when using the screw conveyor, so that the majority of users can operate better.
First, the secure belt conveyor accessories should be placed on the persevering base; the moving belt conveyor should be symmetrically wedged before the operation. When paralleling homework with multiple machines, a channel of more than 1 m should be reserved between each other. There should be no accumulation of things in the vicinity of the conveyor.
2. Before launching, the tightness of the conveyor belt should be adjusted. The buckle should be stable. The transmission components such as bearings, gears and chains should be well-equipped. The rollers and protective assembly should be complete. The electrical shelter should be connected to zero or the grounding should be excellent. The conveyor belt and the roller should be well-equipped. The width should be the same.
Third, when starting, it should be operated at no load first, and then it can be loaded evenly after being deformed. Do not start after loading.
4. When feeding, respond to the middle of the quasi-transport belt and lower the height, and reduce the impact of the blanking on the conveyor belt and the idler. Feeding should be linked to an average.
5. During the homework, the machine operating environment should be inspected at any time. When the invention is transported with signs of corruption or deviation, it should be shut down for mediation.
6. During the course, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to pass through the conveyor belt or exceed it from below. When the conveyor belt is slippery, it is strictly forbidden to use the hand. It is strictly forbidden to carry out liquidation or test homework during operation.